Edible Dried Hibiscus

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Dried hibiscus flower is used worldwide mainly as a tea, both hot and cold. In Trinidad and Tobago, for example, it’s known as sorrel. In Latin America, it is flor de Jamaica, or Jamaica flower. Its tart taste is something like the cranberry, but more unique in its complexity. That’s why it’s often served with a lot of sugar. Hibiscus took off in the U.S. after Celestial Seasonings introduced its Red Zinger tea in 1972. Due to high antioxidant content in hibiscus, companies have added it as an ingredient to teas and sodas and sometimes as a substitute for red dye.

Dried hibiscus flowers are also edible, considered a delicacy in certain countries. Sometimes it is candied and used as a consumable garnish. However you’d like to use hibiscus flower, you can order in bulk from Bulk Nation. You simply can’t go wrong with this healthful, delicious item.

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Ing: Hibiscus, sugar, citric acid, sodium metabisulphite


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