CBD Recovery Powder, Blue Raspberry 200mg

$ 10.99

Just add this to a glass of water and drink before bed after a hard workout. You’ll be amazed at how well rested and fully recovered you are the next day.

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Ingredients: 200mg of proprietary full spectrum hemp blend naturally occurring cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN, CND, CBA, sucrose, dextrose, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, salt, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, calcium silicate, modified food starch, and blue 1

Calories 50, total Fat 0, Saturated 0, Polyunsaturated 0, Monounsaturated 0, Trans 0, Cholesterol 0, Vitamin A 0, Vitamin C 0, Sodium 100mg, Potassium 30mg, Total Carbs 14g, Dietary Fiber 0, Sugars 14g, Protein 0, Calcium 0, Iron 0


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