Versatility is one of the greatest feats of being a mother. A woman’s fullest potential is tested as soon as she enters motherhood. Sleepless nights, raising future superhumans, kitchen wars, and career challenges are few examples of how tough the journey is being a mom. Yet a mother’s love remains without boundaries; it is timeless. This Mother’s Day, let us honor our real-life heroines with tokens of gratitude and admiration. Here are some beautiful gift ideas to make her day extra special.

Tea for mom

TEA Amo, Mama!

Moms always make sure that kids are nurtured and everybody’s health is well taken care of. Giving loose leaf teas in airtight and light-resistant canisters is a wonderful gesture to return the unlimited TLC. Drinking hot tea an hour after lunch or dinner soothes the gut and aids in digestion. Tea as well contains antioxidants to help strengthen the immune system. To reduce stress and anxiety, go for chamomile. The Lavender Lemon Fruit Blend is rich in aroma to improve her mood all day. And if she’s on keto, Matcha Green Tea Unsweetened tastes great served either hot or cold. For her sweet tooth, throw in some raw honey or stevia.

Bath bombs for mothers day

Aroma Mom Deluxe Bath

Expect mothers to have long and tiring days. The countless errands make it difficult for her to squeeze in some me-time. What better way to reward her with some R&R with these bath essentials she can use on a holiday trip or just even at home? Our all natural soap bars and bath bombs are heavenly. The Olive Oil w Cocoa Butter soap has a mild scent and moisturizing lather while Romantic Gardenia brings a fantastic fragrance that will definitely make her feel splendid. Feel free to add more surprises to her bathing experience with the Coconut Lime Adult Luxury Bath Bomb that fizzes and bubbles nicely. To top it off, you can never go wrong with aromatherapy. With the perfect diffuser, lemongrass and orange essential oils enhance relaxation. Add them all to a pretty basket or tin to make the gift extra special.

Nuts and candy for mom

Heathy snacks for Mom

Because there’s just so much to be done, on the go moms couldn’t really pay attention if they had eaten or not. We’ve got it covered, this  combination of nutritious nuts and Tropical Fruit Salad that will keep her energy up. Moreover, this snack partner is quick and easy to pack and carry anywhere. She can share it with family and friends on a catch-up. Get creative in picking out what goes into your tower, the options are wide.

Other fun gift ideas are baking accessories and ingredients for the mommy-baker at heart, or if mom has a canine companion, we’ve got new dog treats available that you can add on to save her time from this week’s grocery shopping. But more so than anything else, the best present we can give to our mothers and grandmas is our precious time. That being said, use these ideas to spend more memorable hours together may it be an afternoon talk over a cup of tea or coffee, aromatherapy while in yoga sessions, or even coming up with recipes to bake over the weekend. Wishing mothers, of all sorts, a healthy and superb Mother’s Day!