2 cups milk (whole milk, coconut, or hemp work great)

1/2 cup pudding mix @BNF

1 cup crushed cookie sandwich pieces @BNF

Gummy worms @BNF

Candy Pieces @BNF, optional for topping

@BNF ingredients are available at Bulk Nation Foods


Pour 2 cups milk into a mixing bowl and add 1/2 cup pudding mix. Beat with a wire whisk until well blended (about 2 minutes)

Let pudding refrigerate for 1 hour.

Place about 1 Tablespoon of crushed cookies into the bottom of each cup. Next, add 2 Tablespoons of pudding into each cup.

Repeat your crushed cookie and pudding layers.

When cup is almost full, finish up by adding 2 gummy worms to the top of each of the cups!

Yields 4 servings