The holiday season is here and the delicious sweets and treats that come with it. But you don’t have to say no to every candy and snack that you come across to stay healthy. After all, life is all about moderation.

Here are some simple tips to help you make this holiday season a healthy one!

The easiest change a person can make to their lifestyle is practicing moderation. Why deprive yourself of all the seasonal goodies? An occasional taste of something delicious won’t do you in. Simply focusing on eating smaller portions of your favorite goodies can lead to a huge change in your overall health during the holidays.

Mindful eating is another way you can contribute to a healthier lifestyle during the holidays. Try substituting ingredients for their healthier alternatives. For example, instead of crackers and your favorite dip of choice, try pairing cut vegetable or dried veggie chips with the dip. Making cookies? Skip the store bought dough and make your own with fresh, straight forward ingredients. A simple change can make a big difference!

Have you considered giving your healthy snack mixes and nuts a holiday twist? Mixed nuts and healthy snack mixes can take on a whole new flavor by baking them in different spice mixtures. A simple recipe is to lightly coat your mixed nuts and/or seeds with a healthy oil, and then toss them in a spice blend (we recommend a cinnamon sugar for a sweet fix) and then bake them on a lined cookie sheet at 375 degrees for 10 minutes and then let them cool. Flavorful but still packed with health benefits. What’s not to like?

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