Bulk Nation Is Launching New Online Store

TAMPA, Florida, March 19 — Bulk Nation is proud to announce the grand opening of an online store! The new store will be accessible via the company’s website at www.bulknationusa.com starting April 9.

Bulk Nation is a specialty bulk food grocer that offers an extensive selection of quality products at great value. Inspired by the concept of bulk shopping and leaving the quantity purchased in the control of the customer, Bulk Nation opened its first store in Brandon, Florida in 2014.

“This is a momentous era for our company,” said Company President Clay Donato. “We are excited to launch this new store and reach customers nationwide who are ready to experience the thrill of shopping 100’s of popular and hard to find products.”

Bulk Nation is a specialty bulk food retailer dedicated to providing customers with an extensive selection of quality bulk food products. With a unique experience of over 3,000 specialty bulk food items such as dried fruits, nuts, flours and spices, coffees, teas, ancient grains, local raw honey, candies, Vegan, non gmo, and organic products. Variety, quality, and the ability to buy as little or as much as you want makes Bulk Nation stand apart from other grocery retailers.