Coming Soon: Bulk Nation Online!

Bulk Nation Is Launching New Online Store

TAMPA, Florida, March 19 — Bulk Nation is proud to announce the grand opening of an online store! The new store will be accessible via the company’s website at starting April 9.

Bulk Nation is a specialty bulk food grocer that offers an extensive selection of quality products at great value. Inspired by the concept of bulk shopping and leaving the quantity purchased in the control of the customer, Bulk Nation opened its first store in Brandon, Florida in 2014.

“This is a momentous era for our company,” said Company President Clay Donato. “We are excited to launch this new store and reach customers nationwide who are ready to experience the thrill of shopping 100’s of popular and hard to find products.”

To celebrate the grand opening of this new online store with their customers, Bulk Nation is offering free shipping within the contiguous United States on purchases over $69.

Bulk Nation is a specialty bulk food retailer dedicated to providing customers with an extensive selection of quality bulk food products. With a unique experience of over 3,000 specialty bulk food items such as dried fruits, nuts, flours and spices, coffees, teas, ancient grains, local raw honey, candies, Vegan, non gmo, and organic products. Variety, quality, and the ability to buy as little or as much as you want makes Bulk Nation stand apart from other grocery retailers.


  • this is awesome since I now live in Virginia. I always stop in at the Bulk Nation store in Lake City when I am in Florida and I miss it. we don’t have anything like that here in Buena Vista. Looking forward to getting connected in April!!

    • Thank you for being a loyal customer. You all make it happen.

  • I’m interested to see your offerings.

  • Great. Love shopping in the Lakeland store.
    Looking forward to the On Line option.

  • I can’t wait to see this online store and hope it works great for you and me=)

  • I love this store! I’m fortunate enough that I’m within driving distance of Bulk Nation (Tampa to Brandon). They have so many wonderful offerings at this site! I can purchase as little or as much as I want! I’m especially tickled they have grits! Not the finely ground corn, but the cracked kernels that cook up chunky. So much more satisfying and tasty than the grocery-store bought grits. 🙂

  • OMG……what marketing genius came up with this idea. Give that person a raise or stock in this fabulous company.

    I shop when I can, but am limited in my activities outside my home. What an answer to unasked prayers! I never thought anything like this would be possible. I will be on line first thing in the morning of April 9th. Thank you so much for making my life just one step easier.

    I have shopped the bulk food sections of grocery stores all over this country for YEARS. As far back as the early 80’s for dog food, bird seed and candies at Bigg’s grocery (infant of today’s of big box stores) and any other store I came across in my travels. I am so thankful to have Bulk Food Stores (2 – Largo Mall & Countryside) within 15 min of my home. But now they will come to my door. I thought I was lucky before, what a blessing. Thanks Bulk guys.

    JB Good97
    To old to get around conveniently, but still young enough to live life to its fullest.

  • Awesome!!! So went i cant make it to the store i can still get my stuff.

  • I’ve been wanting to get to one of your stores that carries Organics for a long time now, but just have not had a day to drive 1+ hours each way. I’m very excited to see what you’ll be offering online! Thank you!!

  • I like this; however, I’m wondering if there will still be a senior discount when ordering online.

    • Unfortunately our in-store coupons and promotions are only available in store. However we will be running independent promotions and deal for our online store customers. For notifications, sale, coupons, and offers, be sure to sign up for our email list!

  • Incredible store. Lucky enough to have one near me in Clearwater FL. I’m a snowbird so now I can get my BN goodies in Minnesota.
    Staff is so helpful. I’ll miss them online.

  • LOVE, Love, Love the Lake City, Fl. store! We live in WPB, Fl., but frequent Lake City preparing for retirement there. Every single time I go I can’t wait to stock up on fresh coffee beans and wonderful teas! (alot of other stuff, too). Hoping to see a BN spring up in Palm Beach County soon!! Keep up the great deals!!

  • So grateful to hear this, as soon I am moving out of state. Love the dog treats for my boy!!

  • Would love to see you come to Georgia

  • Are you going to open a store in the Palm Beach or Broward county

    • Thank you for asking! We are always looking into new and exciting markets to open the next Bulk Nation! You can find out about upcoming grand openings and new store locations by following us on social media or checking our website for updates.

  • How will the products be packaged for shipping? I find your store so appealing because of the resuable container program which cuts down on so much waste! When shipping products, is there any chance they can be put into reusuable bags or containers that can then be sent back to be refilled?

    • We are looking to add a line of reusable containers to our e-commerce selection soon. Currently our bags that we ship the products in are resealable and can be reliably used to store your purchases. We also have our deli containers available for shipments. Simply make a note at the bottom of your order that you would like your product packaged in the Bulk Nation deli containers. Each container holds around a pound of product.

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