Do you want to shift to a healthier lifestyle?

Do you think that all-purpose flour is not good for you?

Do you want to be fit without skipping pasta?

Semolina flour could be the answer to your quandaries.

Semolina may sound fancy. Mention it and people may think you’re some kind of kitchen connoisseur. But first, let us find out what semolina is.

Benefits of Semolina Flour

What is Semolina?

Semolina refers to the coarse product of wheat milling. It is used to make pasta, puddings, cereals, and many other food products. Originally, it refers to middlings of durum wheat. But nowadays it is also used to refer to middlings of maize and rice. It is yellow in color when it comes from durum wheat, and white when from other sources.

Where Can You Find Semolina

This type of flour is pretty common; taking into account the fact that durum comprises 5 to 8% of the world’s wheat production. You’re likely to find it sitting next to regular flour in grocery stores. In terms of appearance, semolina is coarser and may appear darker. Also, it has a stronger earthy aroma than other types of wheat flours.

But the craze around semolina flour springs from its health benefits.

After reading this part, you will never see semolina flour in the same away every again!

Before anything else, here’s a quick view of its nutritional content of 56 grams of enriched semolina:
Carbohydrates: 40 grams
Calories: 198 calories
Fat: <1 gram
Fiber: 7% of the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake)
Folate: 36% of the RDI
Iron: 13% of the RDI
Magnesium: 8% of the RDI
Riboflavin: 29% of the RDI
Thiamine: 41% of the RDI

Health Benefits of Semolina Flour

1. Help in Managing Diabetes

Semolina is a great substitute for diabetic individuals with low gluten intolerance. Compared to regular white flour, this type of flour undergoes a more gradual digestion and absorption in the stomach and in the intestines. This is beneficial in diabetes management because the slower rate prevents quick fluctuations in the blood glucose levels.

Magnesium is seen to promote the cell’s insulin sensitivity, and insulin in crucial in blood sugar regulation. Studies show that diets rich in magnesium may reduce the risk of diabetes by 14%.

Semolina for weight loss

2. Helps in Weight Management

When food digestion and absorption occurs at a slower speed, the body feels satisfied for extended hours. This is good news for people who are trying to shed from kilos. Longer feeling of satiety means fewer meals. Fiber also keeps the stomach feeling full, which curbs appetite.

Semolina flour has carbohydrate content has may be sufficient for regular activities.

3. Helps Maintain a Balanced Diet

Apart from fiber and carbohydrates, semolina flour also contains the following nutrients.

Iron is used for hemoglobin production, which is the protein attached to red blood cells that is responsible for carrying oxygen to the cells.

Folate is required for DNA and RNA production, and plays a role in amino acid metabolism.

Vitamin B-complex
These vitamins are needed for proper energy production and brain function.

Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and protein synthesis.

4. Boosts Immune Response

Semolina contains protein, which is the primary component of antibodies. These antibodies fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

It contains vitamin A which helps in maintaining eye and heart health. Semolina also has calcium, phosphorus, and zinc: all of which are essential for bone growth and development.

One study that involved 58, 000 people revealed that high folate intake was linked to reduction of heart disease risk by 38%.

Being rich in vitamins, this type of flour can promote the body’s immune response to certain diseases.

5. Controls Cholesterol Level

Semolina is rich in fiber and a fiber-rich diet is found to minimize risk of heart disease. Thirty-one scientific studies found out that individuals with high fiber intake may reduce their risk of heart disease by up to 21%, compared to those in low-fiber diet.

Fiber may lower Low-density Lipoprotein (your bad cholesterol) and blood pressure. It can also diminish inflammation. One small study found out that consumption of 23 grams of fiber (from whole grains e.g semolina) each day for 3 weeks can lower LDL level by up to 5%.

6. Improves Digestive Health

Being a good source of fiber, semolina-based products promote good bowel movement and relieve constipation. Dietary fiber also encourages the growth of healthy gut bacteria, creating balance in the intestinal tract. This balance is vital for optimal digestion, metabolism, and immune function.

7. Helps Fight Aging

Semolina has selenium, an antioxidant that prevents cell membrane ad DNA degradation. Oxidation can increase the risk to a number of health problems, such as heart disease and cancer. Selenium also protects the skin from premature aging by binding to free radicals, causing them to become stabilized and harmless to skin cells.

How to Include Semolina in Your Diet

If you want to become healthier, consider replacing your regular white flour with semolina flour. Here’s how to include it in your diet.

Semolina Flour Benefits

1. Use semolina in making breads, biscuits, cookies, cakes, or any other baked products. You will not only get a tasty treat; you will also obtain some essential nutrients.

2. If you’re a fan of home-made pizza or pasta, replace your ordinary flour with semolina. It is very low in fat but rich in protein and fiber.

3. Prepare stews and soups with semolina flour for a more delectable aroma and flavor. This type of flour also offers the consistency needed for making gravy.

Where to Get Semolina Flour

Semolina flour is relatively common. But it’s best to purchase it from a speciality retailer.

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By keeping up to industry standards, they are able to provide semolina flour that makes the tastiest pasta and cereal products.