Many of those who want to lose weight avoid nuts because they are made mostly of fat. However, nut fats are primarily unsaturated, a type of fat that is considered healthy. Also, nuts are a good source of vitamins and anti-oxidants. All of these are needed for healthy weight loss.

Get to know more about nuts before excluding them in your diet. You might be surprised with what you will find out.

Can Nuts Make You Fat?

A number of studies have discovered that regular nut consumption is not directly related to weight gain. In fact, this can even prevent it!

These are the links to these studies:

Prevent Weight Gain with Nuts

A study conducted within 28 months involving 8,865 men and women found out that those who consumed 2 or more nut portions per week had decreased their weight gain risk for up to 31%, compared to those who rarely or never ate nuts.

Nuts and Weight Gain: Are they Really Related?

Another review on 36 scientific research discovered that regular consumption of nuts was not associated with increase in waist size, weight, and body mass index.

Participants of controlled studies added nuts to their controlled diet and did not experience body weight changes. These are the links to these studies:

It was concluded that any weight increase in much lower than anticipated from nut consumption.

The Best Nuts for You

The findings above mean one thing: You can enjoy nut benefits and still lose weight. Nuts are not just fats, and their fat content is not even harmful.
Listed below the most recommended nuts during weight loss programs:

Almonds for weight loss

1. Almonds

There’s a reason why almonds are considered VIP nuts.

Almonds are rich in protein, anti-oxidants and omega-3. Protein is needed for muscle growth, which is probably your goal in conjunction with weight loss. Anti-oxidants ensure that you do not acquire diseases while trimming your weight. And omega-3 helps keep your heart and brain healthy as you go through this challenging phase.

Almonds also contain fiber, which adds to “fullness” in the stomach, discouraging you to eat more.

Walnuts for weight loss

2. Walnuts

Walnuts are a good source of unsaturated fats. Remember that your body still needs fat for the cell membrane, efficient transport of electrical impulses, cushion of internal organs, and extra source of energy. But you should get unsaturated ones. These fats are less likely to build plaques and increase cholesterol levels in the blood.


3. Pistachios

In 2003, the FDA approved the health claim that seed consumption (pistachio included) can help reduce the risk of heart disease. There is scientific evidence suggesting that consumption of 42.5 grams of nuts per day can have heart-related benefits. This is in combination with a low-saturated fat and low-cholesterol diet.

Every 100 grams of pistachio nuts contain 20.27 grams of protein. This nutrient is needed by your body in rebuilding tissues and producing a variety of proteins for normal biological function.

Brazil Nuts

4. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are native to Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. They are an excellent source of fiber, a material that promotes the feeling of satiety. Humans cannot digest fiber so it stays as a bulky material in the stomach and the intestines. If these organs are filled with fiber, the brain will assume that the body is satisfied. As a result, it will not trigger hunger.

Along with fiber, Brazil nuts also contain protein, which your body needs to build muscles. It also contains L-arginine, an amino acid that has exhibited fat-burning properties.


5. Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts have many applications. Thankfully, weight loss is one of them.
It contains the following nutrients:

Magnesium is essential for proper energy production and metabolism. If your body produces energy as needed, you will not have untimely “cravings”. Good metabolism also supports weight loss by burning enough fats.

Manganese is vital for normal metabolism of macronutrients. It also takes part in the body’s free radical defense system. Bear in mind that the body is constantly exposed to free radicals, which are chemicals that damage cells.

Copper is a key element to nerve health and immune function. While losing weight, your immune system must be at its peak to battle diseases.


Nuts are not exactly off-limits if you’re trying to lose weight. It is only important to choose the types of nuts to include in your diet. Since nuts contain fats, you must at least make sure that it is also packed with nutrients.

Get Your Nut Supplies in Bulk!

It would be great to keep a stock of nuts at home or in your office. So whenever you feel hungry, you can easily grab a healthy snack.
There are many suppliers of different types of nuts out there. But only not all of them adhere to industry standards. Bulk Nation Foods obtains nuts from farms with sustainable practices. These nuts are transported, prepared, and packed with utmost caution to ensure safety and to maintain their natural taste.

Get Your Nuts from a Trusted Supplier

It is very important to know that some nuts may harbor microorganism and toxins, and these must be removed thoroughly. Only those companies with the right training know how to do this.

Include these nuts to their diet, but do not rely totally on them. It is important to maintain food variety in order to get all the nutrients that your body needs.
Before making any changes to your diet, it is highly-advised to consult a nutritionist or your attending physician. This is particularly important to those with existing health problems.

Also, make sure you’re not allergic to your new food choices.
When consumed properly, you will not only achieve a desired weight but also fight off some common health problems. And even slow down skin aging!